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A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Everyone has attended an event before, be it a small gathering such as a birthday party all the way to major company events such as their partners night. But what does it take for a person to plan their own event? Whether you are someone who wish to host their own event or a committee that was given the stressful task of helping their company plan one, you are at the right place! Here, we will provide you a step by step breakdown on how you should go about planning your event.

First and very important step is your vision. Close your eyes for a short moment and picture your dream event. What do you see? What do you hear? These are all the fundamental steps in planning an event. It is not possible for anyone to create a masterpiece without first seeing it in their mind. Here are a few things you should start to think when starting to plan. 

– Where will your event be held?
– Who will you be inviting for this event?
– How many people will be attending this event?
– Is there a specific theme that you want the event to follow?

With these simple questions, the idea of the event will slowly seem like a reality. Now with the idea in mind, you must decide on when and where you want your creation to be. It could be held in a small and cosy restaurant where guests could sit and enjoy their meals, a grand ballroom where the guests will dance the night away or an expo hall where you can show the world your company’s products. As the venues are so limited in Singapore, it is important that you source for the venue early. We would suggest booking the venue at least 4-6 months in advance to avoid any disappointments, even earlier for peak dates (End/start of year).

Once the foundations of your vision have been created, it is time to fill in the rooms. What would you need during your event? There are many things that can bring your event to a whole new level, such as having a professional emcee to host your event or even a magic show to mystify the masses! There is no fixed rule on what you must have in your event, so be as creative as you want. But always try to remember to link your components to your foundations, we do not want to have a bouncy castle inside a formal partners appreciation night.

You have your foundations; you have your dream creation. All there is left to do is to bring it to life! However, here comes the crushing part of reality, money. Now is the time to sit down and look at your masterpiece. There are many things to consider when budgeting for the event. Some costs include the venue, the manpower for the event, entertainment, food and so many more. The costliest component will be the venue, but every other thing adds up bit by bit. If you are tight on budget, you would have to re-evaluate on your list and see what is necessary for this event to work and what are just additional benefits.

If all these is to much of a hassle, Blitz Events will be able to assist you with all of these steps and more, including finding the best prices for your event, suggesting how we can incorporate things into whatever budget and most importantly, ensure that your vision will be realised. 


Planning for an event is never easy especially for someone who’s new to it.  We understand and have provided you with a simple checklist to start the ball rolling. If you wish to enlist some help in creating your dream event, simply click on “Make it a reality” and you will be one step closer to making new memories!


Event Type

Every success story begins with a single step. Before getting excited about every little detail, take a step back and figure out what is the boundaries and fundamentals of this event.

Event Type !
No of Pax!

Date & Time

Stage 2 will be a simple yet essential part of making this event work, which is the date and time. Countless of events are happening each day with only very limited places to choose from, especially the ideal ones for you.

Date !
Commencement Time !
Venue !


Now is time for you to imagine how the event will be like. Here are some components that would be beneficial in taking your event to the next level.

Emcee !
Photography / Videography !
Audio / Visual !
Pre-Event Activities !
Design !



Here comes the toughest part of any planning: How much are you prepared to spend on this event? No matter the amount, a budget is always needed to guide you in deciding what are the important things to have.