Fringe Activities

Treating your guests with fringe activities lets them have the engagement and overall appreciation factor for your event. That’s because fringe activities grant them the freedom to exert physical participation aside from overall visual and sound experience they capture. With booths to supplement their enjoyment in every activity, this is an essential gear for every event management.

Airbrush Tattoo

Always wanted to have a tattoo but never liked the permanent part of it? This booth would allow your guests to go wild for that night, getting matching tattoos with their colleagues or just to spice up their outfits! All tattoos provided can easily be washed off, so no worries about your big client meeting the next day.

Hairspray Booth

It is a great view to see all your colleagues standing around with weird and colorful hair. What better way to do this than to have a booth dedicated to helping you achieve that dream multi-colored hairdo? This booth comes with both the chalk and the spray versions of different temporary hair colors. The coloring could be done by either our dedicated manpower or by your very own friends! We also offer the glitter options for the less crazy guests who want a bit of sparkle. All the hairsprays and colors can easily be washed off after the event as well, so have no fear!