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This 2019 Lunar New Year, we were proud to organise a combined dinner event between Canon Medical and Gold Lite group. Held at the glitzy Mariott Tang Plaza Hotel, it was aptly themed “Old Shanghai Night” to enhance the oriental essence of the occasion. It was huge, seeing an attendance of 140 guests who were all dressed to the nines and brimming with wide grins. This set the mood for exciting, glamourous affair that was about to follow.

Everyone’s enthusiasm was boldly represented in their outfits and costumes. People chortled in amusement at some of their colleagues’ garish, exaggerated get-ups, while others stood mesmerised at how some of their friends managed to curate stylish looks. Each attendee definitely had their moment of stardom at our event.

The Lunar New Year is synonymous with a few things, one of them being the essential yu sheng dish. With chopsticks in hand, the contents were soon sent flying as well-wishes and good intentions for the upcoming year were announced. The belief is that doing so while tossing the salad would help to manifest prosperity, health and happiness. Every subsequent dish that arrived after was scrumptious, and everyone tucked in while exchanging laughter and banter. Surrounded by smiles all around, they ate to their hearts’ content.

To enliven the event, Happy Fei Fei was invited to perform. Her antics kept the crowd entertained and delighted, eliciting roar after roar of laughter that echoed around the room. Some guests were hand picked by the funny lady herself to join her on stage, and be a part of her act as well! From time to time, guests took over the microphone and belted out their favourite tunes.

The wonderful night had to eventually come to an end. It was concluded with a mass dance everyone eagerly partook in, to commemorate the lovely experience before it drew to a close. We at Blitz Events will be looking forward to creating more memories like these for our customers!

January 1, 2019 by admin

Goldlite and Canon Medical Annual Dinner & Dance 2019